"We Dream in Glass"

2009 James Dean

Watsontown Glass Company has been providing fine custom glasswork since 1973. 

We specialize in problem solving and bringing new life to the past. We restore historic windows and use new glass to create unique personal spaces.

In-Shop Services

  1. Window Repair and Insulated Glass Replacement 
  2. Screen Replacement using charcoal aluminum and pet screen
  3. Tabletops, glass shelving, two-way mirror, wire glass
  4. Sliding glass showcase doors
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Stock Materials

  1. Ten patterns of clear textured glass 
  2. Genuine wavy old glass 
  3. High temperature pyroceramic woodstove glass
  4. Custom and stock beveled glass [order only]
  5. Custom pattern cut stained glass

Gallery of Work by Watsontown Glass Company

Shop Hours

8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Closed for Lunch
Noon - 12:30 pm 

8:00 am - Noon

Phone: 570-538-1006